Where Is An Auto Body Collision Repair Shop Near Me?

collision repairAre you someone wondering ” Where is an auto body collision repair shop near me?” If so, then it would be a pretty safe bet to assume you have been in an accident. Accidents can and do happen even when you are among the most careful drivers on the road. Then again, you do not even have to be on the road for something bad to occur. Even a car that is parked on the street can be hit by a vehicle that was driving erratically.

Standard & Collectible Services

Such problems can be frustrating and difficult to deal with when you own a standard car, truck, or motorcycle. For those who own classic, rare, or exquisite cars, collision damage can bring a number of frightful images to the mind. Yet, such problems do happen. You might have safely parked your car in a private garage, but someone inside the garage ended up accidentally damaging it. A quick, easy Sunday morning drive to the local auto show turns into a disaster when someone on the highway rear-ends your 40 year old classic model.

Local Repair Shop

Disaster scenarios such as these are quickly going to lead to asking the question ‘ Where is an auto body collision repair shop near me?” Those in Northeast Philadelphia are going to be pleased to discover there is a solid garage the car, any car, can be taken to for a perfect repair job.

Your Solution For Every Repair

Not every garage is capable of fixing custom, classic, or collectible vehicles. For those living in the Philadelphia area, Marquis Auto Restoration offers the capable hands of experienced mechanics to fix even the rarest and most costly car back to brand new condition.  No matter how extensive the collision damage may be, Marquis Restoration services can restore the vehicle to its original, high collectible condition. Even the rarest of cars can be fixed and done so perfectly. Great experience is going to deliver results such as these.

More Services

Collision and body work is not all that can be done at the garage. Vehicles that have suffered engine damage or have had the interior seriously wrecked can feel confident the mechanics at the garage can perform a complete and total repair job. You do not have to be concerned about taking the vehicle to one garage for the body, one for the engine, one for the interior, and so one.  Marquis Auto Restoration can handle every vehicle problem whether it is a standard, classic, or collectible car may be dealing with. Of course, the garage can also do work on modern cars as well if needed.

Yes, the vehicle may have to remain in storage until parts arrive. Do not worry though. The car will remain safe and secure on the premises. No further harm is likely to befall the vehicle since it always remains in good, capable, and skilled hands.

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