Paint Refinishing


Downdraft Paint Booths are ready for your next project –

Our paint booths are the most technologically advanced in the industry; we designed these downdraft booths so that we have 4 times the air flow for the finest paint finish possible. This advanced filtration system allows us to have no dust particles on the surface during the paint process and the heating system allows for the finest curing available.

topheader_standox_right DUPONT STANDOX, PAINT SYSTEM:

“Beyond Premium Paint” Standox has everything you think of in a premium European paint system.

Spot-on color match the first time

A product range that’s compact and easy to use

Complete coverage from a minimum of spray passes

This unique Dupont Coatings product allows Marquis Auto Restorations to be at the forefront in the industry with the finest paints available in the marketplace.

Standox has also pioneered more traditional environmentally friendly paints High Solids (HS) and Very High Solids (VHS) systems. These products contain up to an 80% solid content when ready to spray. Higher solid content results in a reduction of solvents, and less harm to the environment.


Marquis Auto Restorations has skilled technicians to repair all body work prior to paint and assembly. Prior to your vehicle going to our paint area, we will attentively review all necessary areas of previous body damage and address them properly. Our long lasting paint finish will not be applied until our manager’s approval on all of the “prepared” surfaces of the vehicle.