Media Blasting

Experience the newest in media blasting with our SODA BLAST machinery

Non-Destructive paint removal from Steel, Fiberglass, Rubber Bumpers, Machine Parts and more!

This unique low pressure non-warping process also puts a residual corrosion preventive coating on the surface.

Come in to our facility and see how we can help you today!

Our new Soda Media Blasting Center is complete!

Special equipment has been installed along with complete filtration systems.

Lighting and protective coatings have been applied to the interior surfaces.

We have treated our floors for easy cleaning and recycling of debris.

The lighting system allows us to see even the smallest imperfections during blasting

We filter the Soda media into our blast machinery.

Prepare the vehicle for complete paint removal

Check the prep work prior to blasting

Look at the hood once blasted! The metal is like new once the process is completed