Finding Quality Auto Collision Repair & Estimates In Philadelphia

auto collision repairTrying to find a quality auto collision repair in Philadelphia isn’t always the easiest thing for a person to do. The stress of the vehicle being damaged is great, and all that you want is to get the car repaired and get on with your life. Unfortunately trying to choose a collision center seems to do nothing but add even more stress to the situation. If you want to find a quality collision center, there are a few things that you must look for.

1. Free Estimates: Any reputable Philadelphia auto collision center will provide you, upon request, a free estimate of the charges to make the needed repairs to your vehicle. If a collision center is unwilling to provide this, allow the search to continue. With an estimate in hand you can compare costs with several different companies to ensure that the best prices are awarded your way.
2. References: Any good collision repair center will have references available. All that you need to do is ask for them and they shall be provided to you. Checking references enables you to learn the real deal on the collision repair company from those who know best. You can also ask friends for their advice on a good repair shop.
3. Certifications: AAA certification, ASE certification and similar mechanic certifications are important. They provide assurance and you know that you are getting a quality collision center that will treat you right. Also look for special membership associations.
4. A Look at the Shop: Many people do not take this into consideration when choosing a collision repair center, but they should. Is the shop clean and well maintained? Or does it look disorganized, dirty and as if it would fail all health codes? You want a shop that is clean, of course.
5. Available Equipment: Any good collision repair center will offer a variety of tools and equipment so they can make any repairs that are needed. These pieces will be new and implemented with the latest technology.
6. Cost of Services: As mentioned above you want to obtain an estimate for the services that you require, and when you have these estimates your final selection should be made with a company offering competitive prices.

Having your car running and in the best condition at all times is important. When it has been damaged getting it repaired is probably the first thing on your mind. With these tips you can get the repairs needed done quickly and easily, all without choosing the wrong company. It is worth your time to do a bit of homework before you send your car to any collision center.

For more information about choosing a quality collision center in Philadelphia and free estimates take a visit to or call 866-663-2770.

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