1967 Toyota 2000GT

RARE is the only word to describe this highly sought after collector car.

We are honored to have been selected to restore this Toyota 2000GT Coupe.  This low mileage vehicle has been in a private collection for more than 35 years and is one of the most original 2000GT’s in existence today.

The Toyota 2000GT is a sports car that was produced in very limited numbers by Toyota in Japan. Production vehicles were built between 1967 and 1970.

Only 351 regular production cars were built. According to Toyota and Yamaha data, there were 233 MF10s, 109 MF10Ls, and nine MF12Ls. All were actually built by Yamaha; it took two years for production vehicles to emerge. In America, the 2000GT sold for about $6,800, much more than contemporary Porsches and Jaguars. It is believed that no profit was made on the cars despite their high price; they were more concept cars and a demonstration of ability than a true production vehicle. About 60 cars reached North America and the others were similarly thinly spread worldwide.

Current values are over $ 500,000

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