1967 Amphicar Model 770

Have you ever driven a car into the water on purpose?
Have you ever gone down to the lake or river and go right into the water?


This 1967 Amphicar Model 770 was found stored in a garage since 1975!  More than 30 years have past since this little car/boat had been on the road or at sea.  Marquis Auto, with the help of many authorities of Amphicar’s was able to restore this rare relic back to its original configuration:

  • Complete rotisserie restoration
  • Engine Rebuild and restoration
  • Drive train repaired and restored
  • New Interior – Apricot and White
  • New Top & Boot
  • Original items found:  Horn, Whee Covers, Switches, Handles and more
  • Correct finish – Fjord Green
  • Entire project filmed for The National Geographic Channel “Car Czar” Amphicar Episode.  DVD’s of this 1 Hour special area available – contact us for pricing and information

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