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Tips for getting your classic back on the road

You grumbled when Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, even though you realize a startled groundhog really can’t predict an extended winter. You waited up all night on Feb. 28, just to see if March would come in like a lion or a lamb. For classic car owners in northern climes, the long wait for spring can be excruciating. The good news is, it’s almost here. Take advantage of the time you have left by prepping your car before its first drive. You’ll both be better for it.

Start with your battery. If it’s been on a trickle charger all winter, disconnect it from the charger and reconnect the battery. If you simply removed the battery and stored it in a warmer spot for the winter, time to charge it up.

Check your fluids. Start with a walk-around and examine the floor beneath the car. Drips are common and expected; puddles are not. A fresh oil change is recommended since water or other fluids may have found their way in your crankcase. While you’re at it, replace the oil filter. Also check your other fluids — brakes, coolant, transmission, windshield washer. Do they look dirty? Are they at the recommended level? Smell your transmission fluid. If it smells burnt, change it. Generally speaking, if you can’t remember the last time you drained and flushed any particular fluid, it’s probably time to do it again. As for gasoline, you should be good to go if you put Stabil in the tank before storing your car. If not, you might consider adding a water-absorbing product or — if you’re really worried about it — just drain the tank.

Check your belts and hoses for cracks and decay. Since rubber breaks down over time, examine the condition of your tires, too. Make sure they’re inflated to the correct air pressure. And don’t forget the spare.

Water can not only damage your engine, but it can cause brake problems, as well. If your car has been sitting for a while, consider bleeding your brakes. They should feel firm when you push the pedal.

By this point, you should already know if any mice spent a comfortable winter in or around your engine. Also check inside the passenger compartment, especially under the seats and in the glove box. And one last thing — check the headlights, turn signals and brake lights, which may require the help of a friend.

It’s finally time to start your car. If you’re just testing the engine, make sure an exit door is open enough to allow exhaust to escape. If the weather allows for a drive, make that first one fairly short — after a warm-up, a half hour or so should put the car through its proper paces. And before you take drive No. 2, do the ol’ walk-around again. No major leaks? Tires look good? Let ’er rip, and enjoy a safe driving season.

Collector Car Sales & Brokerage Services

Are you looking to buy or sell your vehicle?

If so, you do not have to look any further.  Many of our customers love collectible cars, but do not like the hassles of buying and selling them.  Our trained staff is here to assist you in both purhcasing and selling your vehicles.

1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car

1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car

Buying a Collectible Car

When it comes to purchasing a collector car or truck, you need to take many aspects into consideration while making the determination as to what you are looking for and how you will be using it.  Contact us and we can help you make the right decison as to what vehicle fits your needs and budget along with helping you learn how to enjoy your newly acquired vehicle.

Inspection, Repairs & Restoration

Our company will make sure that you get the highest quality vehicle for the best price.  Along with this service, we will be able to repair or restore anything that may not be needed so that you will be able to enjoy your car and have the assurance of our tem standing behind you for any upgrades or maintenance necessary.

Buying and restoring ‘Projects’

Many of our customers will decide to purchase vehicles in need of restoration, or project type vehicles as we can usually purchase these for much less than current value knowing that they are in need of repairs.  Stop in and see some of the recent cars that have been acquired for our customers and how we are restoring and even customizing them to suit each particular clients wants and needs.

2014 Great Race (Maine to Florida) – We are building a Great Team !

Great Race 2014

Great Race 2014

Giving to those in need  –  Cars and charity.

We are building a cool car and team for the Great Race!

Corporate Sponsorship is available and will include company logos on our car, clothing, and other items.  Along with the advertising opportunities with all of our web blogs, email blasts, and TV coverage of the car being built, tested and raced which will be seen internationally.

The race is more than 2,000 miles and will cover the eastern states from Maine to Florida.  We are going to put aside a percentage of all funds from sponsors to give to charities in each stop over city along the route.  Help us help others and become a sponsor today!

Contact our team manager at for more information and details on becoming a sponsor for this unique racing and advertising opportunity.