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Where Is An Auto Body Collision Repair Shop Near Me?

collision repairAre you someone wondering ” Where is an auto body collision repair shop near me?” If so, then it would be a pretty safe bet to assume you have been in an accident. Accidents can and do happen even when you are among the most careful drivers on the road. Then again, you do not even have to be on the road for something bad to occur. Even a car that is parked on the street can be hit by a vehicle that was driving erratically.

Standard & Collectible Services

Such problems can be frustrating and difficult to deal with when you own a standard car, truck, or motorcycle. For those who own classic, rare, or exquisite cars, collision damage can bring a number of frightful images to the mind. Yet, such problems do happen. You might have safely parked your car in a private garage, but someone inside the garage ended up accidentally damaging it. A quick, easy Sunday morning drive to the local auto show turns into a disaster when someone on the highway rear-ends your 40 year old classic model.

Local Repair Shop

Disaster scenarios such as these are quickly going to lead to asking the question ‘ Where is an auto body collision repair shop near me?” Those in Northeast Philadelphia are going to be pleased to discover there is a solid garage the car, any car, can be taken to for a perfect repair job.

Your Solution For Every Repair

Not every garage is capable of fixing custom, classic, or collectible vehicles. For those living in the Philadelphia area, Marquis Auto Restoration offers the capable hands of experienced mechanics to fix even the rarest and most costly car back to brand new condition.  No matter how extensive the collision damage may be, Marquis Restoration services can restore the vehicle to its original, high collectible condition. Even the rarest of cars can be fixed and done so perfectly. Great experience is going to deliver results such as these.

More Services

Collision and body work is not all that can be done at the garage. Vehicles that have suffered engine damage or have had the interior seriously wrecked can feel confident the mechanics at the garage can perform a complete and total repair job. You do not have to be concerned about taking the vehicle to one garage for the body, one for the engine, one for the interior, and so one.  Marquis Auto Restoration can handle every vehicle problem whether it is a standard, classic, or collectible car may be dealing with. Of course, the garage can also do work on modern cars as well if needed.

Yes, the vehicle may have to remain in storage until parts arrive. Do not worry though. The car will remain safe and secure on the premises. No further harm is likely to befall the vehicle since it always remains in good, capable, and skilled hands.

Auto Body Repair Services

auto body repairWhen you are driving on the road, sometimes an accident may occur.  These accidents can cause severe damages to your vehicle, making it unsafe to drive.  Also, these damages make your vehicle look older than it really is.  Fortunately for you, there is help thanks to an auto body repair service.  These services will restore your vehicle, making it look brand new again.  This allows you to drive on the road with confidence again.


After a wreck, there may be a lot of dents on your vehicle.  These dents take away the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, whether it’s a car or truck.  These dents will be removed quickly thanks to auto body repair services.   The professionals will pop the dents out with their specialized device.  This device creates suction in the center of the dent, so once it’s firmly on your vehicle, all the professionals have to do is pull.  The dent will pop out, as if it was never there in the first place.


If there are scratches on your vehicle, the professionals will buffer them out.  They will make the body of your vehicle smooth again.  Then, they will apply a new coat of paint to your vehicle.  You can choose the paint that goes on your vehicle, allowing you to make your vehicle stand out and look great again.


Sometimes, after a wreck, there may be a damaged part on your vehicle that can’t be repaired.  Instead, it will need to be replaced.  This is possible when you get help from an auto body professional.  The bumper or fender may need to be replaced on your vehicle.  A professional will order a new part, which is easy because they have a lot of important contacts that will ship parts to the shop in a quick time frame.  After the part arrives at the shop, the professional will install it on your vehicle, making sure it fits securely.  Even if it’s your car door, they will order a new part and install it quickly.


Before these auto professionals even start the repair job, they will give you an estimate of how much it’s going to cost.  This allows you to prepare ahead of time, and you will know what the costs are going to be upfront.  A lot of auto shops will give updates on the repair job.  While they are working, they will email you about the repair job.  So when your vehicle is finished, you will get an email, so you can head over to the shop and pick up your vehicle.  Thanks to these auto body repair services, whatever is wrong with your vehicle will be repaired in a timely manner.  This makes your vehicle look good again and also safe to drive.

Expert Custom Auto Body Repair Philadelphia

100_0632Owning a custom car that has been tailored to your needs and specifications allows you to own what might be the perfect vehicle. Unfortunately, not everyone on the road is a perfect driver. The weather, particularly the weather in Philadelphia, can create hazardous road conditions. As a result, your custom car can suffer collision damage.

After a major collision, body work is going to be required and owners of custom cars do have to be very selective in terms of which garage they take the vehicle.

Restoring the vehicle

When a car is damaged in a collision, a great deal of work must be performed to restore the vehicle back to pristine condition. Expert body work has to be done in order for the restored vehicle to look as if it was never damaged in an accident. This can be quite difficult when the car is a standard vehicle purchased from the showroom floor. A custom model, however, can be a a great deal more difficult to repair. To ensure the right work is done on the car, seeking out the services of custom auto body repair Philadelphia experts is a must.

It’s All About Effort

To build a custom car requires a lot of painstaking effort. Fixing a damaged one might require even greater effort. After all, the damage to the vehicle might be extensive. Since the model is a custom one, restoring it to its original look is not a job for everyone. A standard auto body repair shop might be more than capable of fixing a standard car. With a custom vehicle, however, a very special hand is required to handle the auto body work.

Extensive Experience

Those who own a custom vehicle do have to take their cars into a shop that has extensive experience in performing body work on such a car. A repair task of this nature might take quite a long time to complete. Certain cars cannot be fixed within a single day as is the case with standard cars. Special parts may have to be ordered or even rebuilt in an equally custom manner. Again, this can take a great deal of time and, during that time period, the vehicle may have to be safely stored. Custom auto body repair Philadelphia garages can store vehicles safely and securely until the repair job can be completed.

A Wise Investment

A custom car should be considered an investment. While not every custom vehicle is going to increase in value over time, quite a bit of money is invested in crafting the look and style of the car. When such a vehicle has been damaged in a collision, a further investment must be made into it. A wise investment would be to hire a collision and auto body specialist who is truly capable of handling such a difficult task.

Auto Body Repair 19116 Philadelphia Pa

philadelphia pa 19116When your car is in need of body repair you can feel as if your life is off balanced until that repair has been taken care of. However, it can be difficult to trust someone with your car. Even though it is need of repairs, it is still your pride and joy. You depend on it to take you and your family where you need to go. In order for you to feel confident handing your car over to a body repair shop, there has to be a certain level of confidence and trust there. This is why many have chosen to put their trust in Marquis Auto Restorations located at 10085 Sandmeyer Ln Philadelphia, PA 19116 215-969-2770.

About Marquis

Marquis Auto Restorations is a shop you can trust and is authorized by all insurance companies to make vehicle repairs. The team is experienced and knowledgeable with all makes and models. They can take care of your repairs whether your vehicle is a daily-use vehicle or your most cherished possession. Every car will be treated as if it is the most valuable vehicle there is. This is why the shop has earned such a great reputation and gathered loyal customers who make it a point to being their vehicles there.

When your car is in need of repairs it can literally put your life on hold. Sometimes, a person doesn’t realize just how much their car means to the quality of their life until something happens and that car is in need of repair. When a car repair comes up it is important to know right where to take the car in order to have it repaired by trustworthy and experienced mechanics known for excellence. This is what has helped Marquis Auto Restorations to become a name car lovers keep in mind.

Experienced Professionals

There are specialized technicians who work solely on custom, antique, and classic cars. This lets you know that the technician who works on your car is going to be one who is more than capable to handle the job, no matter what type of car you own. When you see the care that is taken with your car, you won’t be able to imagine taking it anywhere else.

Just some of the services Marquis Auto Restorations offers customers are:

Rust Repair
Fiberglass Repair
Frame-Off Restoration
Lead Work
Metal Repair
Custom Fabrication
Chassis Straightening
Media Blasting
Wheel Alignment
Stainless Steel Repair
And Much More

If you are in need of car repair services, you want to take your vehicle to a shop you know is going to offer you the best service and has the knowledge to tend to its needs. Therefore, you should go to Marquis Auto Restorations 215-969-2770.

Find An Auto Body Shop Near Me That Cares

auto body shopTransportation is key in our society. We cannot do much without a reliable form of transportation. Since transportation is vital in our lives it is the reason why we pay money to keep them up. We cater to our vehicles. We maintain, clean, repair and take care of whatever else needs to be done. You must be prepared for is repairs; everything else can be postponed, but repairs are crucial. Without them, your car may become immobilized, which means you might be too. The danger of immobilization should urge you to plan ahead and find the best and nearest auto body shop to take care of any repairs that your vehicle might need.

Qualities To Look For

It is important that the body shop that you look for is one that is accredited and has years of experience. It is probably a good idea to make sure that the auto body shop center is one that your insurance accepts. It is important to accept this dreadful possibility, but accidents do happen, so it is important that you make sure that your insurance accepts this particular auto body shop. Collision repairs are very important because a collision can damage the car beyond repair, if not taken care of by the right repair shop.

Quality Of Customer Service

Another good thing to look for is the attention given to the customer. Make sure that whatever auto body shop you choose is one that is there for you. If your calls are not taken seriously, then it is probable that your business is not taken seriously at this location. Another thing to take into account is that an auto body shop should be able to provide much more than just collision repair. An auto body shop is a place for you to take your car for upgrades as well. Are you considering a new paint job, one that is done professionally? Did you notice rust in your car? Rust is very dangerous; it just keeps spreading and may make weaken metal, which was once strong. A good auto body shop can remove rust before it becomes damaging.


An auto body shop can also offer custom details, not only with painting, but interior customization. Are you interested in reupholstery? It is possible to have a brand new interior with the right auto body shop. You can sit down on brand new leather upholstery. You can enjoy seeing brand new carpets that no longer have the stains of yesterday or food stains, or just stains you are tired of seeing. A good auto body shop can offer these kinds of options, including a full customization. You can tell them what you what, and it is their job to meet those desires. That is the type of auto body shop you want, one that is working for you.

For Philadelphia residents Marquis Auto Restorations & Collision Repair is the best option in the city. Call us at 215-969-2770

How To Deal With Auto Body Repairs After An Auto Collision

auto collisionAn automobile accident can be an extremely traumatic event. In a split second, you can be left with thousands of dollars in repairs and be completely unsure where to turn or what to do next. When you need to deal with an auto body shop for the repairs on your vehicle, there are a couple of simple steps you will want to take to protect yourself and your pocketbook.

1.  Notify your insurance company of the accident right away. If you are involved in an accident with another person, contact their insurance company as well and make sure they have your information also. In some states you may be able to seek repairs through the other party’s insurance company if they were at fault. If you are pursuing repairs through your insurance policy you may be responsible for a deductible. Take the time to ensure you understand your insurance coverage and the endorsements on your policy that could impact how your vehicle will be repaired and how much you will be responsible for.

2.  Understand your shop options. If you are working with an insurance company, ask whether they have preferred shops. Take the time to inquire about warranties on the repairs. Take your vehicle to several shops for estimates, as the cost to repair can vary widely. Speak with the representatives at the shop and make sure you feel comfortable working with the shop on the repairs to your vehicle. Even if you are working through an insurance company, most states have laws that ensure you can work with the shop of your choice. Ask friends and family members for referrals as well, and always read the online reviews available. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau for open complaints.

3.  Get a copy of every estimate in writing. Review each estimate, specifically regarding parts and labor. Find out whether the shop plans on using recycled, original manufacturer, or after-market parts on your vehicle, as the price and quality of these parts may vary widely. Some insurance companies may not cover original parts, so ensure you understand your limitations and options. If there is a large discrepancy in the man hours on a repair, ask why. It is possible a shop may have overlooked a needed repair that another included.

4.  After the repairs are completed, request an itemized invoice, as well as a copy of any warranties that may apply to the parts or repairs, keep these documents on file. In most states, you have the right to inspect or receive any parts removed from your vehicle to ensure replacement was necessary. Before leaving the shop, inspect your vehicle thoroughly to verify that you are satisfied with all repair work.

For immediate repairs contact Marquis Auto at 866-663-2770

Finding Quality Auto Collision Repair & Estimates In Philadelphia

auto collision repairTrying to find a quality auto collision repair in Philadelphia isn’t always the easiest thing for a person to do. The stress of the vehicle being damaged is great, and all that you want is to get the car repaired and get on with your life. Unfortunately trying to choose a collision center seems to do nothing but add even more stress to the situation. If you want to find a quality collision center, there are a few things that you must look for.

1. Free Estimates: Any reputable Philadelphia auto collision center will provide you, upon request, a free estimate of the charges to make the needed repairs to your vehicle. If a collision center is unwilling to provide this, allow the search to continue. With an estimate in hand you can compare costs with several different companies to ensure that the best prices are awarded your way.
2. References: Any good collision repair center will have references available. All that you need to do is ask for them and they shall be provided to you. Checking references enables you to learn the real deal on the collision repair company from those who know best. You can also ask friends for their advice on a good repair shop.
3. Certifications: AAA certification, ASE certification and similar mechanic certifications are important. They provide assurance and you know that you are getting a quality collision center that will treat you right. Also look for special membership associations.
4. A Look at the Shop: Many people do not take this into consideration when choosing a collision repair center, but they should. Is the shop clean and well maintained? Or does it look disorganized, dirty and as if it would fail all health codes? You want a shop that is clean, of course.
5. Available Equipment: Any good collision repair center will offer a variety of tools and equipment so they can make any repairs that are needed. These pieces will be new and implemented with the latest technology.
6. Cost of Services: As mentioned above you want to obtain an estimate for the services that you require, and when you have these estimates your final selection should be made with a company offering competitive prices.

Having your car running and in the best condition at all times is important. When it has been damaged getting it repaired is probably the first thing on your mind. With these tips you can get the repairs needed done quickly and easily, all without choosing the wrong company. It is worth your time to do a bit of homework before you send your car to any collision center.

For more information about choosing a quality collision center in Philadelphia and free estimates take a visit to or call 866-663-2770.

7 Tips For Auto body Collision Repair

auto collisionWe all hope that our car will run without problems forever, but this is not always the case. There are many types of problems that a vehicle can face, including damage from a collision. This is a difficult time in a person’s life. The car is damaged and you’re stressed trying to find a collision center worth your time to quickly make those repairs.

With so many different companies out there and advice going around left and right, choosing the collision center becomes even more of a task. Use these 7 tips to help you get the best repair when your vehicle has been involved in a collision.

1. Get the best Deal

How can you ensure that the best deal is attained when you need auto body collision repair? To get the best deal, take the following actions:

– Request estimates. They are free and any good collision center will be happy to provide them to you upon request.

– Make comparisons. You can compare with the free estimates. You should take advantage of no less than three comparisons before making your decision.

2. Do Research

Researching the company that you will take your car to is a must. They should be able to provide you with references that you should check, finding out how they feel about the services the company offered to them. You should also look for online reviews as well as ask family, friends and co-workers for recommendations.

3. Professionalism is a Must

The auto collision center selected must be one that offers professionalism . This includes their customer service, prices, the way they handle your case, etc. If you’re told that your car will be ready at Monday at 4 pm, it should be ready not a minute later.

4. Follow your Gut Instinct

When you walk into the auto collision center allow your gut to tell you the next steps to take. We all get those gut impressions and 9 times out of 10 they are pretty accurate. If you feel the company isn’t worth your time keep the search going.

5. Will the Collision Center Work with the insurance Company?

Chances are insurance is going to be involved in the collision repair job at hand. If so you need a collision center that will work with the insurance company to make the process smooth.

6. Look for Certifications

Any good collision repair center will hold a couple of different certifications at a minimum. This includes ASE certification as well as AAA certification. These are worthwhile for you to look for when selecting your company, as they represent those companies who go the extra mile to deliver.

7. Experience

Not only should the collision center have many years of experience in the area, the employees and mechanics working inside should also possess this same amazing experience.

Best in the U.S.A. Classic & collectible auto restoration, customs & hot rods, collision repairs, interior & upholstery. Get your free estimate from Marquis auto restorations or call 866-663-2770

Making The Best Choice In Auto Body Repair Philadelphia Pennsylvania

GT500-6When choosing auto body repair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it’s important that you’ve got the knowledge available to you to make the correct decision. In general if you’ve been in an accident, most auto body shops have your best interest at heart, however there are some that will also charge a significant amount more than others without offering more in the way of service. To protect yourself against these companies, it’s important to know exactly what to look for so that you can make the best informed decision.

Research before you jump in

Google is brilliant in this sense, as it offers you thousands of potential reviews on any particular shop at the press of your fingers. Researching reviews will be essential in figuring out whether a particular shop will offer you the services you need at a fair price, however it’s also extremely important to assess the reviews in the right manner. Taking note of the reviews that are well thought out, and that show that the person really was writing the review from an unbiased standpoint is important to do.

Look out for warranty offers

It can be common that auto repair shops can offer a warranty alongside their services. Especially when it concerns an expensive repair, choosing a shop that offers this with the repair gives you decent peace of mind knowing that if something does happen to go wrong down the road, they’ll have it taken care of.

Get a range of estimates

This will help you dramatically save costs, due to the huge range of prices that you can receive between shops. A lot of stores will give you a free quote for a repair, and while it may take some time to drive around or explain to each store your specific problem, it will definitely be worth it in the long run when you save potentially hundreds or thousands on a repair.

Base your decision on your car brand

There are a large number of auto body repair shops that specialize in particular car brands, and even specific models and years. By choosing a store that services your exact car brand or model in particular, you can be sure that they’ll both have the expertise to give you the result you’re looking for, and also have the spare parts available to place them in immediately if they are needed for any reason.

Overall one of the best auto repair shops in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is Marquis Auto Restorations you can contact them at 866-663-2770. These are excellent ways to compare shops to give you the best result when it comes time to purchase. Researching each individual shop is also a good idea to do before you happen to need them, as it will save you not having access to a car if you need a repair and you also have to take the time to research on top of this.

2014 Great Race (Maine to Florida) – We are building a Great Team !

Great Race 2014

Great Race 2014

Giving to those in need  –  Cars and charity.

We are building a cool car and team for the Great Race!

Corporate Sponsorship is available and will include company logos on our car, clothing, and other items.  Along with the advertising opportunities with all of our web blogs, email blasts, and TV coverage of the car being built, tested and raced which will be seen internationally.

The race is more than 2,000 miles and will cover the eastern states from Maine to Florida.  We are going to put aside a percentage of all funds from sponsors to give to charities in each stop over city along the route.  Help us help others and become a sponsor today!

Contact our team manager at for more information and details on becoming a sponsor for this unique racing and advertising opportunity.