Finding Quality Auto Collision Repair & Estimates In Philadelphia

auto collision repairTrying to find a quality auto collision repair in Philadelphia isn’t always the easiest thing for a person to do. The stress of the vehicle being damaged is great, and all that you want is to get the car repaired and get on with your life. Unfortunately trying to choose a collision center seems to do nothing but add even more stress to the situation. If you want to find a quality collision center, there are a few things that you must look for.

1. Free Estimates: Any reputable Philadelphia auto collision center will provide you, upon request, a free estimate of the charges to make the needed repairs to your vehicle. If a collision center is unwilling to provide this, allow the search to continue. With an estimate in hand you can compare costs with several different companies to ensure that the best prices are awarded your way.
2. References: Any good collision repair center will have references available. All that you need to do is ask for them and they shall be provided to you. Checking references enables you to learn the real deal on the collision repair company from those who know best. You can also ask friends for their advice on a good repair shop.
3. Certifications: AAA certification, ASE certification and similar mechanic certifications are important. They provide assurance and you know that you are getting a quality collision center that will treat you right. Also look for special membership associations.
4. A Look at the Shop: Many people do not take this into consideration when choosing a collision repair center, but they should. Is the shop clean and well maintained? Or does it look disorganized, dirty and as if it would fail all health codes? You want a shop that is clean, of course.
5. Available Equipment: Any good collision repair center will offer a variety of tools and equipment so they can make any repairs that are needed. These pieces will be new and implemented with the latest technology.
6. Cost of Services: As mentioned above you want to obtain an estimate for the services that you require, and when you have these estimates your final selection should be made with a company offering competitive prices.

Having your car running and in the best condition at all times is important. When it has been damaged getting it repaired is probably the first thing on your mind. With these tips you can get the repairs needed done quickly and easily, all without choosing the wrong company. It is worth your time to do a bit of homework before you send your car to any collision center.

For more information about choosing a quality collision center in Philadelphia and free estimates take a visit to or call 866-663-2770.

7 Tips For Auto body Collision Repair

auto collisionWe all hope that our car will run without problems forever, but this is not always the case. There are many types of problems that a vehicle can face, including damage from a collision. This is a difficult time in a person’s life. The car is damaged and you’re stressed trying to find a collision center worth your time to quickly make those repairs.

With so many different companies out there and advice going around left and right, choosing the collision center becomes even more of a task. Use these 7 tips to help you get the best repair when your vehicle has been involved in a collision.

1. Get the best Deal

How can you ensure that the best deal is attained when you need auto body collision repair? To get the best deal, take the following actions:

– Request estimates. They are free and any good collision center will be happy to provide them to you upon request.

– Make comparisons. You can compare with the free estimates. You should take advantage of no less than three comparisons before making your decision.

2. Do Research

Researching the company that you will take your car to is a must. They should be able to provide you with references that you should check, finding out how they feel about the services the company offered to them. You should also look for online reviews as well as ask family, friends and co-workers for recommendations.

3. Professionalism is a Must

The auto collision center selected must be one that offers professionalism . This includes their customer service, prices, the way they handle your case, etc. If you’re told that your car will be ready at Monday at 4 pm, it should be ready not a minute later.

4. Follow your Gut Instinct

When you walk into the auto collision center allow your gut to tell you the next steps to take. We all get those gut impressions and 9 times out of 10 they are pretty accurate. If you feel the company isn’t worth your time keep the search going.

5. Will the Collision Center Work with the insurance Company?

Chances are insurance is going to be involved in the collision repair job at hand. If so you need a collision center that will work with the insurance company to make the process smooth.

6. Look for Certifications

Any good collision repair center will hold a couple of different certifications at a minimum. This includes ASE certification as well as AAA certification. These are worthwhile for you to look for when selecting your company, as they represent those companies who go the extra mile to deliver.

7. Experience

Not only should the collision center have many years of experience in the area, the employees and mechanics working inside should also possess this same amazing experience.

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Making The Best Choice In Auto Body Repair Philadelphia Pennsylvania

GT500-6When choosing auto body repair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it’s important that you’ve got the knowledge available to you to make the correct decision. In general if you’ve been in an accident, most auto body shops have your best interest at heart, however there are some that will also charge a significant amount more than others without offering more in the way of service. To protect yourself against these companies, it’s important to know exactly what to look for so that you can make the best informed decision.

Research before you jump in

Google is brilliant in this sense, as it offers you thousands of potential reviews on any particular shop at the press of your fingers. Researching reviews will be essential in figuring out whether a particular shop will offer you the services you need at a fair price, however it’s also extremely important to assess the reviews in the right manner. Taking note of the reviews that are well thought out, and that show that the person really was writing the review from an unbiased standpoint is important to do.

Look out for warranty offers

It can be common that auto repair shops can offer a warranty alongside their services. Especially when it concerns an expensive repair, choosing a shop that offers this with the repair gives you decent peace of mind knowing that if something does happen to go wrong down the road, they’ll have it taken care of.

Get a range of estimates

This will help you dramatically save costs, due to the huge range of prices that you can receive between shops. A lot of stores will give you a free quote for a repair, and while it may take some time to drive around or explain to each store your specific problem, it will definitely be worth it in the long run when you save potentially hundreds or thousands on a repair.

Base your decision on your car brand

There are a large number of auto body repair shops that specialize in particular car brands, and even specific models and years. By choosing a store that services your exact car brand or model in particular, you can be sure that they’ll both have the expertise to give you the result you’re looking for, and also have the spare parts available to place them in immediately if they are needed for any reason.

Overall one of the best auto repair shops in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is Marquis Auto Restorations you can contact them at 866-663-2770. These are excellent ways to compare shops to give you the best result when it comes time to purchase. Researching each individual shop is also a good idea to do before you happen to need them, as it will save you not having access to a car if you need a repair and you also have to take the time to research on top of this.

2014 Great Race (Maine to Florida) – We are building a Great Team !

Great Race 2014

Great Race 2014

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The race is more than 2,000 miles and will cover the eastern states from Maine to Florida.  We are going to put aside a percentage of all funds from sponsors to give to charities in each stop over city along the route.  Help us help others and become a sponsor today!

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Complete 10 Steps Of Auto Restoration

1931 Pierce Arrow SedanAuto restoration is an amazingly popular and can become a passion for those with plenty of time, heaps of determination and of course, the money to rejuvenate an old vehicle back to its youthful vitality and splendor. Properly restored vehicles are extremely prized collectibles with valuable price tags attached.

If you are ready to give it a go and have an old jalopy in the yard waiting for that touch of magic, then these are the basic steps you will need to work through:

1. The Right Vehicle

You may already have a vehicle to work on, but if buying one particularly for restoration keep in mind that sourcing parts for the rare makes will be more difficult and more expensive. Classic cars of the 50’s and 60’s are popular models for restorers, but any model can be re-built with time and patience.

2. Tools

As restoration involves much more than making the exterior look good, you will need all the right tools from the wide range of them; including torque wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers as well as those for the specialist jobs of welding, polishing and painting. Almost every part will need replacing to produce a traditionally accurate and fully operating vehicle.

3. Interior Cleaning

The amount of work needed will depend on the condition of the vehicle. Clearly you may find in a junkyard will naturally need lots more muscle than one that has been garaged by a dedicated owner. The car may need entirely re-upholstering, perhaps new seats are needed or the dashboard gauges will need replacing and an original radio to be located.

4. Out with the Vacuum

A total vacuum of the interior after taking out the inside door panels and floor panels. Remove the seats and use a solvent or cleaning fluid to meticulously clean the inside. Then move on to the smaller sections like the sun visors and glove compartments. Allow time for drying thoroughly before replacing with new parts, or used ones sourced from scrap yards or online outlets.

5. Out with Old

The exterior may need stripping right down to get rid of every speck of paint usually by sandblasting or chemical applications.

All rust needs to be totally eliminated and is present in almost all restoration jobs. Sometimes it is more economical to buy new exterior parts than try to remove the rust. In some cases a piece may need to be cut out to remove the rust and a new section welded in. All the body panels will need removing to do the job properly.

6. In with the New

After removing the paint, the panels need a coating of an epoxy primer before the final painting. Finally each piece can be replaced in the car.

7. All Those Extras

Other exterior parts need close inspection to decide if they need either replacing or repairing. Look at the windshield, head and tail lights, mirrors, door handles and hood latches and all other small fittings.

8. Most Important

Of course, looking great is not enough. The all important engine needs careful attention and is really one of the most important jobs in restoration. Firstly, the engine needs to be dismantled; it all has to go, part by part. The carburetor, compressor, cylinder heads and fuel pump need to be checked and allocated to the replacing or repairing category.

9. Decisions

Depending on your needs, the engine can be rebuilt with original parts to build a valuable authentic vehicle, but there’s also the option of installing a completely new and modern engine if the car is more your personal assignment.

10. Finally

Congratulate yourself on completing your project. Restoration is not an easy task and the difficulty of completing an entire assignment is not to be underestimated – it is truly a work of dedication.

For a full restoration consultation contact Marquis Auto Restorations 866-663-2770 the leader in auto restoration.

7 Steps To Compare Auto Body Repair Shops

auto body repairOften quotes from auto body repair shops for the same work vary considerably and may come with differences of thousands of dollars. So we then have to ask the question if choosing the cheaper one is the right move. Just what are the ways of comparing what the different auto body repair shops really have to offer and how can we get the best results for money?

1. Listen to Word of Mouth

This is the most powerful recommendation you can get. Friends, family and acquaintances can give first hand information of real experiences. Talking with satisfied customers is your most reliable guide and can give you a helpful account of the standard of service and workmanship on offer.

2. Get a Number of Estimates

Taking the cheapest offer is not the best practice. Always avoid offers of a really fast and particularly low priced service, as this tends to indicate that they are taking short cuts and performing shoddy work. At the same time you don’t want to be overcharged.

3. Look at Shop Operation and Overheads

Take note of how the shop is operated. Labor charges are usually the major expense involved. The larger shops with more office workers up front usually need to charge higher for labor to cover the costs of the additional staff. While the business may inspire confidence with their customer service appearance you may end up paying for exaggerated estimates.

4. Organization is a Good Sign

Take a good look around the shop. Does it seem well organized? Body repair requires meticulous and detailed work and a disorganized or chaotic workshops do not indicate that this will be the type of service provided.

5. Certifications Tell a Story

It doesn’t hurt to take a quick peek at any mechanics certificates displayed on the walls. It’s always good to note that the shop is keeping the mechanics up to date with all the latest skills and technologies in the industry.

6. Is There a Guarantee in Writing?

Check the length of warranty and exactly what is covered. A one year warranty should be the absolute minimum provided and find out if it covers both parts and labor? Another important question to ask is if the shop has fire and theft insurances. You need to be sure of coverage in the event of misfortune with your vehicle being stolen or destroyed.

7. Go with Your Intuition

Finally, after weighing up the options you then need to trust your own instincts. Remember that you will certainly be happier at a shop whose owner and staff communicate well and are agreeable and pleasant. If they are able to answer your questions while being professional and on the ball it gives a good impression and creates confidence. This suggests that their work will be done in the same manner.

In Philadelphia the best auto body repair shop is Marquis Auto Restorations. Your car will be fully restored to the way it looked. Maybe even better.

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5 Quick Steps to Restore My Car

1954 Olds Phila Auto Show2Always dreamed of getting your car completely restored and never thought it was possible? It is not as hard as you may think in order for you to get your car restored to have it looking its best for years to come.

1. The first step that you need to do is to fix any dents, dings, and/or rust stains on the body of your car. If the dents, dings, and/or rust stains cannot be removed, you may have to completely replace parts of the body. Most rust stains can be removed by finely sanding them down. You must do this before you paint your car.

2. After you have fixed all issues with repairing the body of your car, you can have your car painted. You may be able to get just a paint touch-up. It is usually better to get a complete paint refinish. We have painting booths ready and waiting for your next painting project.

3. Under the hood of your car is also important. If the engine is not running its best, you may just want to get a new engine for your car. If you look under your hood and it does not look new, we can fix it to help it look it’s sparkling best.

4. Restoring the interior of your car is also very important (such as the seats, dash, steering wheel, and other interior parts). We can reupholster any part of your car that you want. Redoing the interior of your car is going to really make it look its best. There are so many different kinds of extra accessories you can add to your car to make it look its best.

5. The final step that you can do to restore your car is to get new carpet in your car. You can add a carpet that matches the existing interior of your car or can go with something completely different. If you do not want to completely replace the carpet, you can just have the carpet professionally cleaned to help it look its best.

As you can see, it is not as hard as you may think in order for you to restore your car. We are rated the best of the U.S.A with classic and collectible auto restoration. We can work on custom and hot rods, as well as collision repairs for the everyday cars you drive. Besides working on the exterior of your car, we also specialize in the interior parts of your car (including the upholstery). Call, email, or contact us through our website to get a free estimate from Marquis Auto Restorations today and let us help you with your dreams.