Cars – Antique: Pre-1942

An antique car, in the general sense of the term, is an automobile that is an antique.

In the United States, an antique car is generally defined as a car over 45 years of age, this being the definition used by the Antique Automobile Club of America. However, the legal definitions for the purpose of antique vehicle registration vary widely. The antique car era includes the Veteran era, the Brass era, and the Vintage era, which range from the beginning of the automobile up to the 1930s.  In original or originally restored condition antiques are very valuable and are usually either protected and stored or exhibited in car shows but are very rarely driven.

Here are some of the Antique cars we have restored:

1914 Ford Model T Roadster
1929 Packard 7 Passenger Sedan
1930 Ford Model A Sedan
1931 Dodge Coupe
1932 Chevrolet Roadster
1935 LaSalle Sedan
1936 Packard Coupe
1940 Dodge Sedan